Preserving history
West of the Pecos since 1963

About Us

Before There Was A Museum

In 1896, R. S. Johnson, a former Texas Ranger, built the two story red sandstone building. The first floor was a saloon with bedrooms upstairs.

In 1904, the three-story Orient Hotel was added.

The Orient was constructed of crude but durable concrete blocks that were produced with hand-operated molding machines.

Each room had a big rug, an iron bedstead, two chairs, a washstand with a large white bowl and pitcher, and a dresser with a mirror.

A “Wash Room” was on the ground floor and a large complete bathroom on both the second and third floors.

Water was supplied by an artesian well behind the hotel. Fortunately, the artesian well had sufficient pressure to supply the top floors with water.

The Orient Hotel was in use until the mid-fifties.

The Museum Today

Come Celebrate 40 Years Of Preserving The History And Lore Of Texas, West Of The Pecos! Open Daily!

In 1963 a group of foresighted community members, with the guidance of Barney Hubbs and Louis Roberson, recognized the urgent need to preserve the important and very colorful history of not only Pecos and Reeves County but the entire region west of the Pecos River.

What better place to house a museum than an old hotel with its very own saloon! Buildings unused, empty, well-built, lots of space and easy to find… Perfect!

The West of the Pecos Museum is an internationally recognized historic landmark. There are many historical landmarks in Pecos and the surrounding area. Don’t forget to check the “Exhibits” page for a partial listing and photos. After you have visited the museum, take the time to drive about Pecos and experience the history first-hand.

As The West of the Pecos Museum is known today: Three full floors with over 50 rooms of exhibits that are full of artifacts, history, and West Texas lore not to mention the outdoor exhibits. All are available to the public at a self-paced walking tour or with a Guided Tour. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

Touring the museum will take approximately one hour. Of course, there’s always an exhibit or two that will catch your eye. Portions of the museum are wheelchair accessible.



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