The Second Floor

A right turn down the hallway after reaching the second floor will be of special interest to the younger visitors as it leads the way to the Pecos Bill Room! Of course, we here in the western reaches of Texas grew up on the story of “Pecos Bill” so the room will be of interest to all.

For the real cowboys and cowgirls, there is the Saddle Room. Not quite the tack barn one might expect but a considerable amount of period saddles, tack, and barbed wire are surely to be of interest.

More often than not, the area cowpuncher’s sleeping quarters was a Bunkhouse instead of a nice feather bed. Here’s where you’ll find the truth in bedrolls, blankets, and boots. Life wasn’t easy in the wild west!

Since Pecos is the home to the World’s First Rodeo, what would the museum be without a Rodeo Room filled with appropriate artifacts?

The second floor of The Orient is also home to a wonderful collection of rocks and Native American artifacts as well as the E. B. Kiser Room which contains a collection of Sheriff’s items and arrowheads.

The Law West of the Pecos, be it “Famous” or “Infamous”, is documented in its own special room. There are other special rooms such as the School Room, The Beauty and Barber Shop, the Library and Music Room, and the Kitchen and the Dining Room.

What would a classy hotel like The Orient be without a Bridal Suite? Visitors will see the turn of the century splendor of The Orient’s original bridal suite.

There are many more rooms on the second floor to hold one’s attention with collections of timely Medical Equipment, Clothing, including baby clothes as well as spiritual collections from Interdenominational Churches and the 1885 First Baptist Church.

The Golden Girls of the Old West are also honored in this portion of the museum.

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